Breakfast- and brunch-boxes popular this Easter season

To celebrate Easter in lockdown this year, many restaurants are offering deluxe meal packages. Especially breakfast- and brunch-boxes are popular among customers, the ANP reports.

In the summer of 2020, began offering meal packages from around 40 gourmet restaurants for customers to take home and enjoy. This Saturday, restaurants are delivering three times as many packages as they normally would.

Restaurants, however, expected even more orders after huge successes on Valentine’s day. Nonetheless, customers are spending more money during the Easter season. “That means that people are celebrating Easter with more friends and family”, a spokesperson from says.

The platform Cooklikeachef, also noticed that the majority of orders for the weekend are for three or more people. Cooklikeachef reported having three times as many orders as they did last Easter. “We noticed that people enjoy a luxurious lunch more than dinner due to the curfew”, the platform states.

Not only gourmet restaurants are delivering this Easter. The chicken farm Baambrugge already began delivering breakfast and brunch boxes last year. This year their sales increased by 15 percent.

Employees at the pancake restaurant Schollebos usually have all their hands full during Easter time. The restaurant claims to be “one of the few” that sold Easter breakfasts. For this season, Schollebos already received between 80 to 90 registrations and is hoping for some additional last-minute orders.

The Royal Dutch Hospitality Union (KHN) applauds the “creative initiatives” businesses in the hospitality sector are coming up with to stay in touch with their guests. The KHN, however, warns that “we should also note that it is not worthwhile for everyone.”